Natural Disasters- Tornadoes

Tornado Survival Guide

Here are some warning signs and tips to survive a tornado:
Warning signs
1. A rumbling sound
2. Intense thunder storms
3. A dark sky
4. Strong winds

Here are some safety tips in case you are caught in a tornado.  Listen to the N.W.S. (National Weather Service) broadcast to advise you of approaching tornadoes.

1. If you are in your home, go to your basement. If you do not have a basement, go to the lowest floor of the building.
2. If you are in your car, leave it immediately and find cover (basement or shelter). Do not try to outrun a tornado.
3. Stay away from windows as debris might break through them.
4.Do not go into elevators during a tornado because the power might be cut off, and you will be trapped.
5. You can also crawl under a table, desk, or staircase if you don't have a basement.
6. If you are outside when a tornado occurs and there are no buildings nearby, a last resort would be to lie on the ground or in a ditch and cover your neck and head with your arms.
7. if you are in school or work, know and follow the emergency procedures.

Listen to your local radio for tornado warnings and act accordingly.

After a tornado, remain inside.  Follow the instructions of the local police. It ma
y be dangerous outside, as buildings or trees could still collapse, electrical wires may be on the ground, and there might be fires. People can not stop tornadoes, but being prepared may help you survive!

For additional information, go to Canada's Emergency Preparedness Plan site.

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